Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Reads

First, The Mudflats interviews yours truly in The Soldier, The Sailor & The Senator.  As always, thanks to Thomas Dewar and Jeanne Devon for giving me the opportunity.


Second, I had intended to write something today about Illinois Republican Joe Walsh, a pitiful excuse for an American if ever there was one, Left or Right.  The kind of disgusting bullshit this idiot is willfully engaged in needs to stop right now. His words and actions are disgraceful enough for any American, but they are inexcusable for an elected representative of the people. Joe Walsh’s obnoxious and infantile attacks on a decorated combat veteran for no reason other than political gain should be as offensive to veterans on the right as they are to veterans on the left. This kind of thing is an affront all Americans whatever their political affiliation and should immediately disqualify this worm from any office - he’s not fit to be a citizen let alone their representative. 

We veterans, be we Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, or Guardsmen, we swear our allegiance to the United States of America, to all Americans, not to a political party or an ideology.

It's about time Americans returned the favor.

However, instead of writing something myself today, I will point you at the journal of the incomparable Elizabeth Moon, writer, photographer, naturalist, and United States Marine. Semper Fi, Elizabeth, Semper Fi

(H/T to my good friend, the also incomparable writer and physicist, Dr. Phil)


  1. Happy Independence Day Jim, and Semper Fi - I strongly second your sentiment re Joe Walsh and his denigrating comments regarding LtCol Duckworth.

    He obviously came up from the chicken hawk GOP ranks of "say ANYTHING" to garner attention. But, I believe this may be a terminal own goal on his part. I can't see how even in today's poisonous environment that this guy could be elected to sewer sweeper let alone Congress. (Unless of course his constituents are just as unAmerican and brain dead as Walsh himself.)

    I am not proposing violence on anyone...I'm the calm type. But if somehow he stumbled into a busy street, I might chuckle first and lend assistance second. Many of these developmentally challenged man-children possess multiple disorders such as reduced empathy, enlarged arrogance and a complete and utter lack of self-awareness. Poor motor skills would be a bonus.

    You can help cure the ravages of Tea Bagger Syndrome, one election at a time.

  2. Joe Walsh would not have had the stones to spout that shit if she hadn't been a woman. He's a lowlife coward of the first water, a disgrace to his party, his state and his country.

  3. Today, before I got here, I had already contemplated another writer's take on Joe Walsh's stupidities at http://juanitajean.com/2012/07/04/how-dare-tammy-duckworth-appear-in-public-without-legs/

    I thought I'd share it now because I think it, too, is worth a look.

    Thanks for all you do, Jim, to shine some light on the darkness all around us.

  4. It would altogether fitting and proper, if Joe Walsh were to face a "Human Microphone" the next time he appeared and spouting that crap against Tammy Duckworth. If that cannot be organized, a number of people just shouting "Bullshit" and "Coward" might suffice.

  5. Happy 4th to you and your family. This guy Walsh is unbelievable.(I saw the headline on this next link, and I wondered why this Joe Walsh was dissing a vet!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP0o_ZzRjUE) I got this link http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/scarce/tammy-duckworth-joe-walsh-extremist-loudmou . But there again I'm but an sad old old Brit Hippy!

  6. I can't dope slap Joe Walsh, but I was able to make a donation to Tammy Duckworth's campaign fund.

  7. From a family with military history as well, happy Independence Day, Mr. Wright. Thank for what you've done and what you do now.

    "not fit to be a citizen let alone their representative"

    Oh how I'd love to see citizenship ripped away as a form of punishment for some of these so-called "servants of the people". Traitors.


  8. Max Cleland: multiple amuptee from VietNam. He picked up a grenade at the wrong time in a combat situation.

    Saxby Chambliss: Multiple Deferments for a bum knee.

    Ann Coulter: crazed, attack, female dog whose mouth is for hire.

    1. DerFarm, thanks for the reminder about the nasty race by Chambliss against Max Cleland. I'd kinda forgotten just what "a pompous hack" Chambliss is and was reminded of some of the details at the Coulter link as well as by an article at http://www.pbs.org/newshour/vote2002/races/ga_11-05-02.html

      Like you, I see a similarity between the recent Duckworth attacks by Walsh and the campaign strategies of Chambliss in a Georgia senate race against Cleland. Both Duckworth and Cleland are incredibly worthy veterans who suffered the loss of three of their own extremities in times of war and then were later dogged by teabagger extremists with hateful agendas.

      Thanks for the links.

  9. Jim,

    Don't know if it's my computer or what, but I can't get to the mudflats story. (It loads for a second and then goes blank and keeps trying to load...but doesn't). Do you have a link to a cached version?

    1. Odd. Try the main site at www.themudflats.org

  10. re: Mudflats interview: What does using more words than a politician to answer a question 5/6 of the time indicate? ;-)

    1. A well-earned degree in English from a major land grant college?

  11. Yeah...well, the whole thing's about to go to the highest bidder(s). The idea that ideas are ever going to matter again is pretty quaint, along with the notion that people's service went toward something honorable and lasting.

    Talk me off the ledge, Jim. Explain how a 10-1 dollar advantage (taking into account the PACs) won't matter.

  12. Saxby Chambliss smeared Max Cleland and got away with it, while wingnut commentators cheered.

    Wingnut draft-dodgers smeared John Kerry and got away with it, while wingnut commentators cheered.

    Wingnuts now accept smearing decorated combat veterans as the regular, ordinary course of business - if that's what they need to do to get elected. These people do not respect anyone and anything but their own overweening ambition.

    Just look at Mitt Romney. He wants to be president, we all know that. But why, exactly, does he want to be president? I don't have any idea, and I don't think he does, either. More and more, it looks to me like he wants to be president because it's something he hasn't done yet - or perhaps, because it's something his daddy couldn't do (what is it with Republicans and their daddy issues? But I digress!). But supposing that he wins, what then? I envision him outsourcing the Executive Branch to the nuts in his party, since he doesn't seem to have any policy positions or even ideas of his own. He even said in an interview that he would bring in a management consulting firm (!) to decide the makeup of his Cabinet. Honestly!

    The spectacle of chickenhawks attacking people who served honorably makes me sick, and I would never vote for one of them. I cannot fathom any citizen - veteran or otherwise - supporting someone like Joe Walsh, who has no honor. He cannot even honor his own obligations to support his children.

  13. from Anonymous (Unless of course his constituents are just as unAmerican and brain dead as Walsh himself)

    There might have been some slight doubt in my mind about whether these constituents could possibly overlook this man's assclownery, if I hadn't read several statements by same, explaining how this "wasn't as bad as it sounded" or was "taken out of context".

    Someone please explain to me, in what context WOULD it be appropriate to insult and denigrate a combat veteran for talking about her experiences during and after her service?

    Sadly, there is no shortage of stupid, brain dead tribal monkeys who will listen to and endorse any kind of nonsense as long as "their" team wins.

  14. Thank you for all you do. Sending positive thoughts your way from Albuquerque.


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