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Friday, July 30, 2010


I meant to mention this yesterday, but I was a tad busy.

Posting will likely be lighter than usual around here for the next week.

My son and I flew down to Michigan yesterday.  We're in the southwestern part of the lower peninsula, i.e it's green and beautiful (and HOT), but the connectivity is firmly rooted somewhere in the mid-1990's and the phone still comes with a rotary dial.

We're down here to help my parents make some repairs to the farm and I expect I'll be fairly busy most of the time I'm here.   And I've got to go over to Detroit next week for the retirement of a friend.

So, don't be surprised if I'm a tad out of touch for the next week or so.

Which is not to say that I might not be able to make some time for a few of you people, should the invite arise. Especially if there's pizza involved. Just saying.


  1. Pizza sounds good. I haven't had that in ages. Beer and pizza for dinner!

    squours: the result of too much beer and pizza

  2. Are you truly in the southwest? I thought your folks were a bit more north than that...

    Anyway, when do you leave for Detroit? If indeed you're just a couple hours away, we'd love to drive down and eat some unhealthy food with you!

    Drop me an email, or text me. I suppose you could call too, but that's so 1999. :D

  3. I smell a meat-up! Too bad I'm so far away.

    Maybe that's best. You probably shouldn't be exposed to the picture you put in my head about the phone coming with a rotary dial...

  4. Well, if you make it to Southern California, I know where we can get some great Mexican food.

    dielash- what the Tea Partiers deserve.

  5. Sounds like you better be careful when you walk around outside . . . Ted Nugent may mistake you for chow on the hoof and skewer you with one of his trusty arrows . . .

  6. Minnesota's not that far from Michigan. Beer and pizza await if you come by.

  7. You're kinda close to WV, no?

    OK. Fine.

    (flops down on the sofa)

    I'll just hang out here and drink all your whiskey, eat all your chocolate and pet ShopKat.

    combetuf = extra rough fighting

  8. Party, party, party!


    He's not here, so we can do what we want... And drink up all his booze.

  9. Be sure to let Dr. Phil (physicis) know...he's not that far away from where you are and is always good for a pizza stop.

  10. But the important question: who's going to bring me pizza? I've settled in with a gin&tonic&dogdrool (literally, I'm afraid) after a long week of travel&death&work&family, and I can't possibly be expected to fetch my own.

  11. I've taken no acetaminophen in 24 hours--BRING ME THE WHISKEY!

    Also, is he going to be gone for awhile? You think he'd mind if we piled all the chair and sofa cushions in a pile on the floor?

  12. Does this lampshade make my hair look big?

  13. Michelle - Actually, it depends on the shape of the lampshade. The cylindrical one is flattering to your hair, but I don't recommend the conical one - definitely not your best look. And please- stay away from the lampshades with the fringed trim - just ACK!

    Also, pizza, root beer, and chocolate ice cream in ShopKat's excellent company sounds like a plan. I'm there!

  14. (Btw, Shopkat still hasn't had her babies. What's up with that? I've never heard of a cat who can be pregnant for a year.)

    Santu - an island voodoo variant on Santa, who sacrifices chickens on Christmas eve to ensure safe travels for he and his porpoise-drawn raft heaped with toys.

  15. Perhaps I'll just skip the lampshade then.

    Wonder what he's got in his DVD collection? I bet it's full of Rom Coms. EW.

  16. I like fringed lampshades. Gives me that appealing 1890s bordello look I've been cultivating.

    Also, pizza, root beer, and chocolate ice cream in ShopKat's excellent company sounds like a plan. I'm there!

    Me too! I'll bring my own food, though, because I know how weird you guys can be about non-dairy versions of dairy favorites.

  17. Michelle,

    Instead of a pile of sofa cushions, let's build a fort- we can lurk in it while we drink the whiskey.

    fookin- I'm not even going there.

  18. A FORT! Awesome!

    Here, let's move the chairs around so we have more room!

  19. Uh, it's not root beer and chocolate ice cream, it's root beer ice cream.

    Jim. What the fuck?

  20. Root beer is ICKY. Don't you bring root beer flavored things into the fort!

  21. It's Friday night and Jim's still in SW MI...

    What kind of trouble can we get into here at his place??


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